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Case studies

Woodworking Machinery from WEINMANN 

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Timber-frame house construction 


WEINMANN offers a perfectly coordinated program for efficient wood processing.

WEINMANN woodworking machinery 

You want to know how you can benefit from our machines and which advantages they offer for you?

Our customers refer to their experiences with our WEINMANN machines:

In the middle of the Black Forest, Lehner Holzbau produces wooden prefabricated houses with a
batch size of one. For many years, Lehner has relied for its machine equipment on WEINMANN –
not least because of its flexible application options. CEO Gunter Lehner talks about the process
in the production with the Carpentry Machine WBZ 160 and the Multifunction Bridge WMS 120


2014 one of the largest and most sophisticated woodworking machines currently available in the
world arrived at TimberLab Solutions which is based in Auckland, New Zealand. CEO Grant McIntosh
reports about the Solid Wood Portal WMP 240, which is capable of processing enormous dimensions
as well as delicate and detailed machining.


The use of WEINMANN machinery for beam processing and element production offers
von Perbandt Holzbau Technik GmbH, TUSSA Haus, highest constant quality. Read more how the
Carpentry Machine WBZ and the Panel Production Line compactPLUS affected their production.


Hans Nussbaumer Elementbau & Architekturbüro AG, a company from Switzerland, produces custom
built timber frame construction houses. The focus has been on the standard of quality. To do so they
need the corresponding technology. Mr. Nussbaumer tells about the reasons which brought him from
the manual beam processing to mechanical beam processing
and how the changing process worked. 

In 2013, due to in-plant expansion and in order to eliminate production bottlenecks, Stephan invested in the
WEINMANN solid wood portal WMP 240. Not only the machining dimensions are impressive, the design
of the machine provides maximum flexibility and processing speed to Stephan Holzbau.